Saturday, 29 October 2016

Need 5 Years Life Extension? Stare At Breasts- Cossy Advices

Queen of boobs, Cossy Orjiakor, has said starring at breast can increase a man’s life span by whopping five years.
The Anambra State born actress, who hailed herself as a life saver after advising men to always stare at breasts, posted bare breasts on her IG page and write; “staring at breasts daily can extend a man’s life by 5 years (lower rates of heart problems, lower blood pressure).”

She equally wrote that giving such advice with the current rate of recession and all, definitely makes her a life saver.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Evil Friends Lure Actress Funke Adesiyan, Looses N20 Million In One Year

Popular actress Funke Adesiyan has revealed how people who were close to her almost ruined her life and turned her to a pauper at 27 years after making her first N2 million at 26 years old.

The Oyo State born actress, who at a time dabbled into politics said she started making money at a very tender age of 17 and at age 26, she was able to own a business that cost her over N20 million; noting that all her wealth did not last because at age 27, she almost lost all her investment that she had to sell her car just to start all over again.

Funke revealed on her IG page that, “Let me tell you a story. I am a product of God's Grace. I was the Games Prefect at my elementary school, I was the Senior Prefect of the secondary school I attended. I started modelling at 13. I started business at 14. At 17 I made my first million. At 19, I built my first house. At 24, i already have OND, a diploma and a degree. At 25, I ran a presidential campaign for one of the greatest men Nigeria is blessed with, Mallam Shekarau. At 26, I opened a fashion emporium in my home town which cost me over 20 million naira then. But guess what, at 27, I had lost almost all.

“This was the period I knew people for what they are. God used this period to prepare me for a better tomorrow. Instead of sulking, I looked inward and found a renewed strength within me. I sold my car, started all over but this time, quietly. I found a new calling. To live my live for people who are truly in need and have nothing to even give you in return but a most sincere prayer to God almighty. To the glory of God today, I am the CEO of four resourceful companies with interest in Importation, Oil and Gas, Integrated services and Farming. Guess what? I'm yet to begin! Whatever your disappointment, see it as an opportunity. Never be scared to begin again. Everyday is always a new day!!! Before you envy my success, learn my pain!”.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ask Tiwa Savage! Funke Akindele Gets Epic Responses Over ‘Matrimonial Flaw’

It is always said, the way to man’s heart is through his mouth’. Star actress Funke Akindele-Bello was put to the cleaner by some of her fans over her comment over the weekend that her husband doesn’t allow her to cook.
Funke was speaking to a Punch correspondent about some of the changes that have occurred in her life since getting married; and she said’ “Before I met my husband, I used to work on Sundays, but he always says that I need to rest. Our chef leaves on Saturday mornings to see his family, so whenever I want to cook, my husband tells me not to do so and we eat out. We do that very often. Now, I enjoy my life and I rest.’’
And in reaction to this, some of her fans took her up saying she was only covering her matrimonial flaws and advised her to take a clue from the failure of Tiwa Savage’s marriage and keep her matrimonial issues away from the preying .
 Mymadam: Darling, so you didn't learn a thing or two from your previous 'escapade'? Na so dem de start, my dear, later 'parade go changi'! If you cannot recollect, just ask Tiwa. How old u be sef? To her, "My husband is the best" grin
Came: Madam, you don start talk talk for this second marriage again, na so you do talk talk for the first one way break. You better keep quiet and pray to God for lasting marriage. Talking too much no good ooooo. Hummmm..

Cutehector: Because he knows u lack cooking skill
Mjshexy: Or you actually can't cook? angry
Mrsefan: yes because ur food no de sweet and u de waste in maggie onion pepe and u too the put too much oil and salt after then u come tell am if he complain that what i do ? Is it no cokerin rice
Dauddy97: something fishy is smelling
Modsfucker: But your dad allowed your mummy cook abi?
Kestolove95: cox u can not cook

Chelseabmw: Funke go n learn how to cook pls, just stop ur noise n madness

New Goldmine! Comedian Ushbebe Begs For Fund To Shot Movie

Comedian Justice Nuagbe, aka Ushebebe is currently ‘begging' for funds to replicate AY’s movie success and this is authoritative.
Ushbebe who has endured a struggling career over some months, a condition which climaxed the cancellation of his Ghana show some months back, is eying the kind of success AY has been recording so far with the release of two monster hit movies back-to-back.
The comedian in an emotional chat with Hiptv Youtube said if he can lay his hand on a big money, he too is ready to produce a movie and thereby, toe the paths of AY.
“If money comes, I will produce a movie; not because AY is producing a film. He is spending so much money to produce movies and if you are spending such money, you want to produce a good film. That is to say you need money to produce such movies. I don’t want to say I’m doing one hurriedly but, I will definitely produce one because I’m a Theatre Arts graduate so, I should be able to do it. Unlike some of our movie star who just wants to produce, you will surely know those who went to school to study it. As for me, this is my field of play; I studied the course in school with the likes of AY, Bovi and some others; we were in the same school and the same department. We are soon coming.” He said.

It could be recalled that aside featuring in the Guinness Book of Records with his historic ‘30 Days In Atlanta movie’, AY’s new movie, ‘A Trip To Jamaica’ has equally been doing very well in cinemas across the country.

Sad: Another Celebrity Couple Kisses Marriage Goodbye After Just 13 Months

Singer cum AOP Tito da Fire’s marriage to Ify, in November 2013 at Ikoyi Registry, Lagos, was kept in utmost secrecy until few pictures surfaced online, but now for all the cautions they took to save it, the marriage has collapsed.
Tito who manages brands under G2M Creatives confirmed that his marriage crumbled after just 13 months due to irreconcilably differences between him and his wife which has forced Ify to relocate abroad with the only child of the union, Ebuka.
In a release he sent, the CEO of Grinding Records, said the marriage which ought to have a happy–ever after tale was filled with loads of issues and misunderstandings.

He said; “Initially I thought she was disposed to entertainment, however overtime I realized she was not, it is one of the major lessons I learnt from my failed marriage. For example I remember that I would record songs at home and she would not make a comment, till I told her hey, I’m going to stop doing this because it seems you don’t like me doing this…And she said oh no, not that, and after then she would say, that song you were working on, the one that has Haruna Ishola’s voice ( because I was working on a remake of his classics), it’s nice, but I packed it all up and won’t talk about it after then because I felt she wasn’t cool with me singing. Sadly, we separated about a year and a month after our marriage.”
“I miss my son a great deal and would love to play the role of an active –on-hand father to my son Ebuka, watch him play and grow.”

After the collapse of his marriage, he has dusted his lyrics diary; hit the studio to record a song, ‘Imagination’, where he featured the late music icon, OJB Jezreel, with the music video already shot. 

5 Real Reasons Why Banky W, 35, May Not Marry

Banky W

Popular ‘Lagos Party’ cronner and EME boss, Olubankole Wellignton, Banky W is finding it very difficult to settle down with a woman and he has admitted it.

Banky W while on a programme in Lagos some hours ago, expounded why he’s yet to find love as he insisted that marriage is not meant for every single person.

According to him, the process of finding a woman whom one would love and connect with may lead to a delay in marriage and his was not an exception.

“The same people who would pressurize you to get married are the people who would criticize you when you fail. ‘Oprah Wilson changed the world but she never got married. It is not the destiny of every single person to get married,” he said.
Niyola and Banky W
Here are 5 real reasons Banky W who is already 35 years old may not marry now;

Fear Of Failure: Banky W has seen a lot when it comes to marriage. He was one of the Best men for Tiwa Savage and Tunji ‘Tee’ Billz Balogun, Toolz and husband, Tunde Demuren marriages; he knows how this celebrity marriages works and has seen its other sides so, the fear of failure of one of those marriages may have been buried in him, looking at how the couple were inseparable while it lasted. So, towing the paths of marriage has been a mirage to him.

He Enjoys His Freedom: Banky W is the King of the Lagos party. Although, he was born in the United States and moved back to Nigeria with his family when he was 5 years, he has been spending the rest of his time in Nigeria. The only exception was for his university education in the United States. He is a professional Master of Ceremonies and enjoys being around women of class.

One Of His Role Models Never Married: Can you imagine having one of your role models as Oprah Wilson? A woman who changed the world in her own time but, was unlucky with love and decided to stay single for life. That was one of the role models of Banky W; and he is proud about that fact as well as he was quoted, “Wilson changed the world but she never got married”.

Love Is Evading Him: News filtered around some months ago that EME's first lady, Eniola Akinbo, better known as Niyola was dating Banky W and that they have actually been dating for the past 3 years or more but, the beautiful singer debunked the rumours that she is dating her boss. She told Genevieve Magazine in an interview that, “I don't live in Banky's house and no we never dated.” He has also been romantically linked with actress Adesua Etomi before but, none of these ladies confirmed and confessed their love for him.

His Destiny May Be Against It: look at a statement that was attributed to him; “It is not the destiny of every single person to get married”. Does this means he has kept to his fate to remain single? He may have tried several women and failed but, I think he still needs to try more because, quitter never wins and winner never quits.

Why Olamide Baddo Paid Homage To Obesere In 'Konkobility' Single

Four years ago, when countless of fans and lovers of Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere, now known as the Vice Chancellor (VC) of Entertainment, rushed at the release of the 'Mr Teacher' album, nobody was disappointed after listening to the lyrical maestro, as the album was well-composed.

However, it appears that the YBNL boss, Olamide Adedeji, popular known as 'Baddo', has a special kind of respect and love for Alhaji Obesere (Pk1st) as he paid him homage in his 'Konkobility' single.

Recall that the VC of Entertainment had teamed up with Olamide Baddo to produce a single entitled 'Ebelesua', which is currently making waves across Nigeria and beyond.

So, when Olamide Baddo, who remains a force to reckon with in the contemporary music world, released hit single, 'Konkobility', many did not really pay much attention to the lyrics, especially the third verse which goes thus: 

"M’oju m’oju m’egbe re t’o n mo l’oju
Omo y’ogo; y’ogo m’egbe re t’o n y’ogo ti
A l’emi ni Papa Tosibe mo m’awon t’emi
Awon t’emi l’on keep on dancing, lowo lowo" 

It means that no matter how obstinate or rude one could be; such person knows his mates. No matter how rugged a person could be; yet he must know who to call to a fight. Then Olamide, the 'mad lyricist', compared himself to 'Papa Tosibe', saying he recognised his people; and his people too recognise him, and they always keep on dancing anytime.

Same lyrics were found in Papa Tosibe's 'Mr Teacher', which he released in 2012. 

'Konkobility' is a blunder usually used to diss someone or describe unseriousness just as he used it in the song: 'Oni' konkobility nimi, konkor; o fi owo re'mi nimu'. He then replied the girl he was trying to woo according to the song that: "Na today I go show you say konkobility nimi gangan', meaning he would show how obstinate he is to get her.

While reacting to the song, Alhaji Obesere, the VC of Entertainment, as he is fondly called now, said apart from the fact that he loved Olamide for his humility and respect, he showed in the song that no lyrics can fade away if they are well-composed.

"I love his kind of person because he is very humble and respectful. It is not because we have worked together but I am just convinced that he is a good guy. I like the song. I think he is just showing me respect like other people. 

"If you have sang a song and people coming after you can't connect with it after many years or use it as a reference point, then it shows it is useless and you have not achieved anything as an artiste,' he said.

How I Met Bro Iginla- Veteran Nollywood Star Reveals Secret Behind His Blessing

Actor Ayo Emmanuel crying for joy

Veteran actor, Ayo Emmanuel also known as Nollywood’s Policeman had an exciting experience on 9th of October, 2016 during a service at the Champion Royal Assembly Abuja, as Nigerian Prophet, Joshua Iginla, gave him a brand new Peaugeot 301 salon car.
 The actor while receiving the car gift shed tears of joy saying all that happened came to him as a huge surprise.
In an exclusive chat with Omonaija Blog, the nollywood actor described the situation as the biggest shock of his life as he came to the church on Sunday the 9th of October with the church bus hoping to return back home with same, not knowing God has a better plan for him.
“I was just coming to church to fellowship and go home to prepare for a film recording someone had invited me to on Tuesday, but here I am today, I thank God for using Bro. Joshua Iginla to bless me, I give God all the glory. I came in a public transport (the church public transport) and was hoping to catch up with the bus but, here I am driving home in a brand new 301 series car.”
Speaking further on how he met the generous but powerful Prophet, Ayo said he was only invited during one of the annual birthday ceremonies of the Prophet and since then, he developed great interest in him.
Bro Joshua Iginla
“During last year anniversary, we were invited, I mean Nollywood actors so, I was one of the actors that was invited and that was my first time of coming to Champions Royal Assembly. Thereafter, I developed interest in the style of worshiping, so I come here once a while because I stay very far away in Abuja. Once in a while I fellowship here, so since last year after PAPA’s birthday I’ve always been coming,  I like the style of fellowship, I like his style of socializing and especially his love for Nollywood. He’s about one of the biggest pastor I know who has feelings for Nollywood and a great giver, I’ve never seen that before. So, I developed the interest and I see a true pastor, the real person that was build to increase, to impact more life into the people’’.
Ayo Emmanuel showing his car papers
Recounting the many helps the Man of God has done for him, He narrated how he was duped by one of his trusted friends who disappeared with over N1million which was meant to get him a car and this led to a serious illness and had no money for treatment after spending a lot, and Prophet Joshua Iginla helped him out.
“I must confess that earlier before now, I was down, I have some problems; I use to have a car, a 406 prestige car but, due to one reason or the other I had to sell it. I added money to it close to 1 million, give the money to someone who I trusted so much to get me a car and the person disappeared with my money, that affected me, broke me down a lot, I was ill, I went to hospital I was diagnosed of typhoid, malaria 1& 2 so many issues and in the process I think I was given a drug that later reacted to my body, and I went back to the hospital for another test and it was during that test, that they discover that I’m short of blood, that my blood is like 20% . So, I called Bruno who happens to be one of the veteran actors here in the church, I told him am sick and in the hospital, that the hospital requires some money and the money in my account is not up to that. He asked me to call PAPA (Bro Joshua Iginla) and I was reluctant but, I remember meeting him once and he told me to call him if I have any problem, so, I didn’t call PAPA; just sent him a text, I sent the Personal Assistant a text too and before I know it they sent a whole hundred thousand into my account which I used to clear the hospital bills last two weeks, then i started attending church activities’’
In addition, he described the Prophet’s giving spirit as one that he has never seen before and also implores people not to say anything bad against the Prophet. He said Bro. Iginla is someone that doesn’t love to show-off and has done a lot for people he doesn’t know and for that people think he does this only during his birthday celebration or anniversary but that is not the case.
It would be recalled that the Prophet gave N10million donation to a muslim acid victim who needed surgical operation to be done in India, the same day he presented to the Nollywood thespian a car gift.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


After a successful maiden edition held at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Abuja on Saturday, November 29, 2015, 2ET Media Network Ltd. is set for the second season of Unleash Ur Creativity (UUCNigeria) Nigeria project which is designed to empower the up-coming actors, young filmmakers and the creative persons who have undying desire for a platform to showcase their talents to the world.
Can you write, tell captivating and compelling story? Are you good at editing, can you handle the camera well enough to shoot clean, crisp motion pictures, or, you have the charisma of that of an outstanding director? This platform is calling out to the Actors, Directors, Editors, Cinematographers, Lighting and Sound persons, Screenwriters etc to come showcase their abilities and be seen.
THE CONCEPT (click for more)
3 groups of 20 creative persons will be selected from series of zonal auditions, camped for 14 days in which they are to shoot their respective short films. They are to develop their stories, produce and premiere it in that period of time to an audience and the winning group will be empowered afterwards to produce a feature film.
Registration has been ongoing and once it closes on Monday, October 31, 2016, zonal auditions will commence afterwards starting from the North; Kano, Kaduna, Adamawa and Abuja on a soon-to-be released dates and venues. Afterwards, the train will move southwards starting from Calabar to Port-harcourt then Enugu, Asaba and finally in Lagos.
For 14 days, 60 selected finalists from across the zonal auditions will all converge in the Federal Capital Territory, split into 3 different groups of 20 persons each in which they are expected to collaborate and shoot their respective short films within the time frame while the winning group will be empowered to produce a feature length movie. The UUC Nigeria Project Season 2 will climax in December at a grand finale "Night of Comedy, Movie Premiere and Awards" where outstanding contestants: "Best Actor, Male and female", "Best Editor", Best Director", "Best Cinematographer", "Best Makeup" and "Best Sound Design" will also be recognized.
Before filling the online registration form, you are expected to have paid your registration fee of three thousand naira (N3, 0000) only into the bank details below, then proceed by filling your teller no. appropriately. 
ACCOUNT NO: 5100245635

According to the CEO of 2ET Media Network Ltd., Emmanuel Eyaba, who is a member of the Directors Guild of Nigeria and the Executive Producer of Unleash Ur Creativity Nigeria Project, "the movie project to be embarked on by the winning group has been endorsed by the African Union - ECOSOCC, under the distinguished leadership of the chairperson, Dr. Tunji J. Asaolu (FIDIR, MIDPM) and plans are currently in finalizing stages to have a classical high budget world class movie production in the first quarter of 2017.

AU endorsement for UUC Movie Project UUC Nigeria Project has also been fully endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture (FMIC), National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), the Nigerian Film & Video Censors Board (NFVCB), Nigerian Copyrights Commission (NCC) and the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN) and is brought to you by 2ET Media Network and Virtues &Nobletouch Nigeria.

Facebook: @UUCNigeria
Twitter: @UUCNigeria
Instagram: @UUCNigeria

Contact: 08035927275, 08123272787

Tuesday, 11 October 2016



Five regional winners in the on-going maiden edition of a nationwide competition sponsored by Phillips Nigeria for barbers of various categories are set to slug it out for the ultimate prize in the finals of the competition scheduled for Protea Hotel, Ikeja Lagos this Thursday.
Tagged "Battle of Barbers", the competition aims at promoting innovation, artistry, precision and professional dignity among barbers in the country.
The five finalists emerged from regional finals which took place in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. While three of the finalists emerged from the Lagos regional contest, both Abuja and Lagos legs produced one winner each.
The overall winner is billed to cart home the star prize of N250,000 and a supply of full barbing kits, among other mouth watering gifts.
A source close to Philips Nigeria stated that the competition was instituted as part of efforts to enliven the global brand vision of impacting the lives of 3 billion people by year 2025 through innovation that matters to their health, living and wellbeing.
The source also hinted that the competition was a foretaste of Philips Nigeria’s readiness to radically influence the male grooming segment of the personal health sector through innovative offerings that are custom made for the African male.

Guinness Nigeria Provides Safe Drinking Water For Tyowanye Community In Benue State

In furtherance of its continued commitment to interventions that transform lives and improves the health and well-being of communities in Nigeria under its Diageo Water of Life Scheme, Guinness Nigeria Plc has constructed a self-sustaining motorised solar-powered water facility in Tyowanye Community in Buruku Local Government Area of Benue State.

The Tyowanye water scheme is one of three major water schemes the company has delivered this year in collaboration with its NGO partners and is the 35th project Guinness Nigeria has delivered under its Water of Life initiative. The Tyowanye project was executed in collaboration with OXFAM, an international NGO determined to change the world by mobilising the power of people against poverty.

Guinness Nigerias continued commitment to initiatives that improve access to safe water was restated at the event by Guinness Nigerias Managing Director, Mr. Peter Ndegwa. He also revealed that Guinness Nigeria will continue to play a leading role to promote safe water stewardship in Nigeria. 

He said, "Guinness Nigeria, a Diageo company, had since 2007 embarked on the Water for Life Programme, which has provided over 10 million people in 18 countries across Africa with access to potable water.  In furtherance of this programme, Guinness Nigeria has prioritised interventions that improve access to safe water especially in communities that face acute water shortage."

"We have invested in sustainable technologies that help us to manage our water use. The construction of the Tyowanye motorised solar-powered water scheme is in furtherance of our efforts to help more Nigerians access clean drinking water. Our desire is that by improving access to safe drinking water, we can assist the people of Tyowanye community improve their overall well-being", Ndegwa said.

Also speaking at the event, the Governor of Benue State, Dr Samuel Ortom expressed his gratitude over the newly constructed water scheme. He stated that the water facility will support the state governments drive to improve health and hygiene for Benue state citizens, adding that as we know, water is life, so he who brings water brings life. Guinness Nigeria has brought life to this community through this project and we are very grateful for this intervention.

He enjoined the community to protect the investment and use it judiciously to ensure its continued sustainability. He also stated that the State Government would be delighted to further partner with Guinness Nigeria in the area of agriculture where the state, known as the food basket of the nation is able to provide all the agricultural inputs Guinness Nigeria requires in its operations.

The Tyowanye water scheme  which was formally unveiled by the Governor of Benue State, Dr Samuel Ortom and the Managing Director/CEO of Guinness Nigeria, Mr Peter Ndegwa, comprises of two solar-powered boreholes and two blocks of VIP toilets  will benefit over 10,000 people in and around the community.

Monday, 10 October 2016

RnB/Afropop Singer Dhortune Celebrates Birthday

Upcoming RnB/Afropop artiste, Dhortune, is celebrating his birthday. The young guy who hailed from Ondo city in Ondo state and lives in Lagos and has been performing at various shows for almost 5 years now.
Known for his creative and meaningful lyrics coupled with good harmony and melody as an RnB/afropop, Dhortune represented his state at the all Niger/Delta states music competition held 2011 and emerged as one of the winners.
He was also one the contestants that made it to the final 100 at the Lagos Glo X Factor audition. He has written and still writing songs for several artistes. He's also coming up with a nice song written for Ondo and dedicated to all Ondo indigenes worldwide. Not presently signed to any record label, he can be reached on facebook @iamdhortune ,
 Instagram @iamdhortune, 
Twitter @iamdhortune

HP Inc. Reinvents Technology With Launch Of New HP Spectre

At was a moment of fun and innovation at the Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, HP Inc. on Thursday October 7, 2016 for the premium PC experience with the debut of the new HP Spectre – one of the world’s thinnest laptop.
The laptop was unveiled at an exclusive event tagged “Fashion Meets Tech”, introduces new dimension to design technology as fashion designers led by prolific designers; Mai Atafo and Toju Foyeh were at hand to display their creativity in a way that makes HP Spectre a unique device with a selection of fashion pieces on display, each created taking inspiration from the Spectre laptop. The two of Nigerians finest designers put together outfits that captured the essence of the luxurious laptop.
Spectre’s design was certainly an eye-catcher, drawing interest with its high gloss copper accents - proof that PCs can be an expression of style thanks to magical and luxurious technology.
Managing Director of HP Inc (Nigeria), Mrs Ify Afe,  believes the HP Spectre is the perfect illustration of how the company not only reacts to trends, but also embraces change. “A large part of our business philosophy is to reinvent who we are, what our customers want, how we can provide that and – uniquely – how we anticipate that. We aspire to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere and in the HP Spectre we see innovation at its best – advanced and progressive technology that is geared to optimum productivity and a style and design that defines class.”
 Afe  added that; “Nigeria millennial are trend setters and love their gadgets as they are constantly on the go and want to excel at our work and personal lives, it is important that we provide users with a laptop that complements their lifestyle – and today, our consumers are demanding a thin and light device with all-day battery life. We understand these needs, and will always strive to reinvent and innovate, to engineer experiences that amaze.”

The HP Spectre has a total weight of just 1.1kg, a width of less than 1.5cm, and the options of an Intel Core i5 model and an Intel Core i7 model. It features a superb entertainment experience with full HD 13.3” (33.8cm) diagonal edge-to-edge display and Bang &Olufsen sound. And, just a few of its luxurious looks include high gloss copper accents which reflect a hand-polished, jewelry-like finish and an innovative hidden piston hinge, creating the illusion of a hingeless design to offer an unmatched premium look and feel. Unveiled as the one of the thinnest laptop the world has ever seen. The new HP Spectre has an aluminium chassis as thin as an AAA-battery and is powered by Windows 10.
Speaking at the launch, Bunmi Bialose, Partner Channel Marketing Manager, Consumer Channel Group, Microsoft Nigeria said, “Windows 10 empowers people to do great things. In a mobile world, Windows 10 moves with you seamlessly and easily across your devices, making interacting with technology as natural as interacting with people. It’s more personal and productive. It’s safer and more secure. It’s familiar, easy to use and automatically up to date” she said.
The HP's Regional Marketing Manager, Tolulope Lawani, stated that “Every feature on this piece was well thought-out. At the point of conceptualising the design of the new HP Spectre, care was taken to combine the best user experience with maximum performance in the masterpiece.” Speaking further he noted thatThe new HP Spectre is a combination of aesthetics and functionality and I dare say ‘power’ has never been this slim.”


Luxury is also important for business life: Atafo and Foyeh’s Experience

Besides, work is also increasingly being done remotely and from multiple locations with the lines between work life and personal life blurring: becoming synonymous as ‘one-life’. Work is no longer a place we go, but something we do. To support this lifestyle, users demand thin and light devices with all-day battery life. 
Increasingly, consumers are capturing content in 4K resolution and want technology that can handle this raw footage. They want large, high resolution displays that allow them to edit photos and videos but also to experience immersive video in their down-time. Premium audio should enrich the viewing experience when playing games, listening to music or watching a movie.  

To address these market shifts, HP has reinvented devices that create personal and work pride, allowing experiences that help us to do better.
Mai Atafo described the new HP Spectre as “super sleek and chic,” and said, “The first time I saw the new HP Spectre, I was indeed in awe. My mind began to play around the features of the laptop, seeking ideas that I could incorporate into my designs.”

Toju Foyeh’s first thought about the new HP Spectre was that it “could pass for a fashion accessory because it can genuinely pass for a ladies clutch bag. This tells you how chic the laptop is.”

About HP

HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society.With the broadest technology portfolio spanning printing, personal systems, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP delivers solutions for customers’ most complex challenges in every region of the world.More information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) is available at

Thursday, 6 October 2016


As the world marks World Teachers’ Day today, leading telecommunication services provider, Airtel Nigeria, has congratulated all teachers for their hard work, steadfastness, self-sacrifices and for contributing their share of nation building by helping to develop and nurture tomorrow’s leaders.
According to the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Airtel Nigeria, Segun Ogunsanya, the telco has expressed its joy at yet another opportunity to celebrate teachers who they describe as heroes in the educational sector.
“As an organization, we are very passionate about education, just as we believe that teachers are the real heroes of every modern society.
“At various stages in our lives, we all have been taught by teachers, and so we have utmost respect and admiration for individuals who have chosen this noble profession of teaching. We celebrate teachers who play a very important role in providing quality education at all levels,” he said.
He also added that “though it is said that a teacher’s reward is in Heaven, we believe that at Airtel we can support teachers in our own way. This we do through the robust implementation of our flagship CSR programme, Adopt-a-School.”
Airtel’s Adopt-a-School programme provides a solid a platform for the telco to  empower underprivileged kids by adopting schools in rural areas on a long term basis, rehabilitating the said schools, providing amenities  and  donating uniforms, writing materials and books to the children as well as providing regular, world class training for the teachers.
Some of Airtel’s adopted schools include  Oremeji Primary School, Ajegunle, Lagos State; Iyeru-Okin Primary School, Offa, Kwara State, Presbyterian Primary School, Ediba, Cross River State; St. John’s Primary School, Oke-Agbo, Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State and Community Primary School, Amumara, Imo State.

In line with its commitment to developing the Nigerian educational sector, Airtel has announced that it is set to commission one of its newly adopted schools, Yahaya Hamza LEA Primary School, Zaria, Kaduna State.


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Makari De Suisse is a global prestigious skincare brand that empowers women to embrace and enhance their individual beauty. Manufactured in Switzerland and prominent in Europe for nearly a decade, the brand offers universally flattering products created hydroquinone free and with uncompromising quality to cater to what every woman wants: to look and feel prettier, brighter, and more confident. 
Since its launch in 2000, the brand has helped to revolutionise skin care for dark skin by combining traditional African, pan-African and Asian remedies with modern cosmetology. Its products contain natural botanic ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to make dark skin beautiful. 
The multicultural luxury skin care brand has been taking bold steps to address the surge in counterfeiting and also to build trust in its customers since its launch into the Nigerian market a couple of years ago. These measures will help to combat the production and sale of substandard and counterfeit Makari products which dominated the market for a couple of years. 
“We remain committed to this battle against all counterfeit Makari products nationwide. For this we have partnered with 2 key exclusive distributors and we are pleased to announce officially that you can get Authentic Makari De Suisse products which are loved globally with Kuddys Cosmetics and Chisuf Ventures in Nigeria.” said Ezra Aini, spokesperson for the company. 
Makari De Suisse has been working consistently and relentlessly with NAFDAC on quality control and seizure of counterfeit products being sold at key wholesale markets and retail points of purchase nationwide. “All raids have been successfully documented by the company and all the products seized, presently, some of the products seized have been taken to the NAFDAC laboratory as samples to ascertain if the products are harmful or not as this will form part of the evidence for Legal Action against the counterfeiters,” said Mr Aini. 
Makari’s global team will be in Nigeria for a training with all accredited Makari beauty representatives on Wednesday, 12th of October, 2016. The training will also have in attendance, the exclusive distributors of the brand and relevant stakeholders in the beauty industry. 
The training will serve as a platform to educate the representatives about the intense scientific and technical scrutiny that goes into every Makari product. “We want our representatives to confidently communicate to our customers that none of our products  contain hydroquinone; a controversial ingredient that has been notoriously used in skincare products for people with darker skin. Hydroquinone has been tested to lead to many harmful side effects”, Aini said. “Makari is all about taking the natural approach to skincare with gentle yet effective products that nourish the skin to provide you with a natural glow”. 

With its concerted efforts towards counterfeiting, its relationship with NAFDAC and the forthcoming training for representatives, Makari De Suisse is set to launch a new high-quality product, one with a powerful formulation that will be available at authorised beauty stores nationwide.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Media Personality, Shaba Gbenga Names Baby Amidst Fanfare In Lagos (Photos)


Monday September 26, 2016  was indeed a memorable day in the family of top media practitioner Shaba Gbenga, as a memorable naming ceremony was held for their baby girl.

The naming ceremony which was held at the new ultra modern auditorium of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God witnessed one of it's kind celebration and fun fair.

Pastor In Charge of the Parish, Oluwatosin Daodu, rejoiced with the family over a successful delivery and urged the young couple to bring up the child in the knowlege of God; after which the baby was named; Pemisire, Oluwasemilore, Ireayo, Victoria, Mirabel, Adenike, Aurelle, Olamide, .

Here are some of the pictures from the naming ceremony...